Timber  Decking Species

We can source any timber, apply our non-slip inserts  and supply it as GripDeck® Decking. Most GripDeck® Hardwood Decking timbers are manufactured to order however we do keep limited supplies of GripDeck® Hardwood Balau Decking. Choose from a selection of timbers below or get in touch if you can’t see what you need.

Further info on different types of hardwood can be found on the TRADA website

Softwood nonslip decking

European Redwood

Balau nonslip decking


Cumaru non slip decking


Ekki non slip decking


Garapa non slip decking


Ipe non slip decking


Iroko non slip decking


Jatoba Non-slip decking


Larch anti slip decking


Massaranduba nonslip decking


Opepe Anti slip decking


Oak non slip decking


Timber Tech Spec Sheets

Download technical information for a wide range of timbers

Ranked by Hardness*
Ipe (14.6)
Cumaru (13.1)
Massaranduba (12.9)
Ekki / Azobe (10.7)
Jatoba (10.5)
Balau / Bankari (7)
Garapa (6.7)
Opepe / Bilinga (5.3)
Oak (4.2)
Iroko (4.1)
Larch (3.8)
European Redwood / Pine (2.2)

Ranked by Stability**
Cumaru  (Moderate / Good)
Garapa  (Moderate / Good)
Opepe / Bilinga  (Moderate / Good)
Jatoba  (Moderate / Good)
Balau / Bankari  (Moderate)
Ipe  (Moderate)
Iroko  (Moderate)
Larch  (Moderate)
European Redwood / Pine  (Moderate)
Oak  (Poor / Moderate)
Ekki / Azobe  (Poor)
Massaranduba  (Poor)

Useful Links –  For more information on timber species, we recommend using the following reference sites. CIRAD Research Centre tropix.cirad.fr/en/list-of-data-sheets-available The Wood Database www.wood-database.com/wood-identification and TRADA www.trada.co.uk/techinfo/tsg/

*Hardness – Monnin hardness is measured by pressing a cylinder with 30mm diameter into the wood perpendicular to the grain with a force of 200daN for 5 seconds. (1daN == 10N, 200daN == 203.94 kilogram-meters.) The depth t of the depression left by the cylinder is measured in millimeters, and the Monnin hardness N is then calculated as 1/t.

**Stability – If sudden shifts of moisture level or temperature are common, then cracking or splitting may become an issue. Warping can be kept at bay with correct installation and frequent oiling.