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 Anti Slip Thermally Modified Timber Decking

GripDeck® thermally modified timber is a beautiful alternative to regular tropical hardwood and treated timber decking. Our chemical-free thermally modified boards can be supplied plain or with anti-slip inserts, and therefore ideal for a wide range of public and domestic applications.

Quality Ash, Pine & Spruce Decking

10 year warranty
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Choose from ash, pine or spruce boards, in standard sizes of 26 x 115mm & 26 x 115mm, and standard lengths of 1.8m to 5.4m. If you need bespoke sizes and lengths, they can be cut to order.

Each length features two anti-slip inserts, but three or more can be added to order. The standard colour of the aggregate anti-slip insert is grey bauxite, but others shades can be integrated upon request. This eco-friendly decking is perfect for a wide range of locations where there may be a slip risk for members of the public or your workforce.

Environmentally Friendly Decking

The timber itself is thermally modified using a heat-and-steam process, with no chemicals whatsoever – making it the ideal choice for projects where environmentally friendly decking is required. Thermal modification also makes wood highly durable and very stable.

Thermory Pine decking in woods in Estonia

Environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood and treated timber

Description: Thermally Modified timber decking with antislip inserts

Timber Species: Ash, Pine & Spruce

Standard Sizes: 26 x 115mm & 26 x 115mm, Other sizes available to order

Lengths: Standard Lengths 1.8m to 5.4m Cut to length service available

Profiles: Smooth with profiled edges for clip fix system

Timber Colour: Varies. Fades to a natural grey on exposure to external light

Antislip Inserts: 2 No. per length. 3 or more inserts available on request

Aggregate: Standard Grey Bauxite. Colours available.

Treatment: Thermally Modified using heat and steam, no chemicals.

Testing: Independently tested in accordance with UKSRG Guidelines 2011 to BS 7976 parts 1-3, 2002. All Gripdeck antislip products have achieved LOW slip risk potential in both wet and dry conditions

Accreditation: TDCA Deckmark Plus

Certification: Available on request

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Thermally Modified Pine Anti Slip Decking

Product CodeTimberThicknessWidthProfileInsertsSection Drg.Notes
TW-P26-115-S2Thermally Modified Pine26115Smooth2Narrow board option with good antislip coverage and profiled edges for Teni clip system. Durability Class 2
TW-P26-115-S3Thermally Modified Pine26115Smooth3Narrow board option with good antislip coverage and profiled edges for Teni clip system. Durability Class 2
TW-P26-140-S2Thermally Modified Pine26140Smooth2A wider board with 2 inserts meeting industry standards for public access areas.
TW-P26-140-S3Thermally Modified Pine26140Smooth3As above with 3 inserts for greater antislip coverage. Suitable for multi directional pedestrian traffic.

Thermally Modified Ash Anti Slip Decking

Product CodeTimberThicknessWidthProfileInsertsSection Drg.Notes
TW-A26-115-S2Thermally Modified Ash26115Smooth2Narrow board option with good antislip coverage and profiled edges for Teni clip system. Durability Class 1
TW-A26-115-S3Thermally Modified Ash26115Smooth33 inserts for additional antislip coverage. Ideal for high traffic and bi-directional foot traffic.
TW-A26-160-S2Thermally Modified Ash26160Smooth2An extra wide board meaning less fixings per sq m and quicker installation
TW-A26-160-S3Thermally Modified Ash26160Smooth3As above with 3 inserts giving additional antislip coverage
TW-A26-160-S4Thermally Modified Ash26160Smooth44 insert antislip coverage suitable for very high traffic areas where pedestrian traffic is multi directional
Other common decking timbers in Durability Class 1 include: Opepe, Cumaru, Greenheart & Accoya
The tables above show our standard thermally modified decking profiles and others are available on request.
All profiles are also available as plain decking without antislip inserts.

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