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De Vere Hotels Install RetroGrip® Anti Slip Inserts

GripDeck welcome De Vere Hotels to our client list. De Vere’s Oulton Hall have recently installed our new RetroGrip® anti slip inserts on the main entrance to their fabulous Claret Jug restaurant.

Oulton Hall is a unique 18th century former family mansion, now a stunning hotel and restaurant with beautiful landscaped gardens and lawns. It also includes a state-of-the-art spa and a 27 hole golf course.

The entrance to the restaurant was built using standard grooved decking, an elegant walkway but one that became very slippery, every winter. No matter how hard the maintenance team tried to keep it clear and safe, it presented a slippery decking headache, that resulted in several complaints every year.

De Vere hotels solution to their slippery decking problem was not to use ugly chicken wire, heavy rubber matting or anti slip paint. We are pleased to say their preferred option was our RetroGrip® anti slip inserts.

Now the science part …. RetroGrip® anti slip inserts are designed to quickly transform slippery decked walkways, seating areas, access ramps and steps, into safe and attractive public rights of way. They are highly attractive, easily installed and provide a highly cost effective slip resistant solution for existing grooved decking. Our RetroGrip® anti slip inserts are made from aluminium strips, filled with resin and hard wearing aggregates. Fitted with nothing more than a cordless drill / screwdriver and a line of adhesive, we really couldn’t have made it easier to add a slip resistant finish to your existing decking.

We hope that Oulton Hall has a successful winter. We look forward to feedback come the Spring.

For more information about RetroGrip® click here.

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